What 3 subjects do u think should never leave school:
math, P.E, and history-Anna
Math, social studies, l.a.- toria
math, science and social studies- Adriana
Math, Social Studies, P.E. Sammy
Math,science, and ss-Rebecca

Math, S.S., and P.E.-Aaliyah
Math, Science , and Computer-Cami
P.E, Music, Social Studies-Emmy
Reading, Math, and Computer Lab-Aaliyah

Social Studies,Math,Reading-carter because you need to now all of this stuff in the real life and growing up

Language Arts, Mathematics, PE--Mrs. Clinton (Linda704) from Michigan
Art, Math, Language Arts - Mrs. Techman, librarian at Broadus Wood
Language Arts, Computer Applications, PE - Ms. Murray (tamurray) from Syracuse, NY
Language Arts, Technology, Math
- Mrs. Sides from Lubbock, TX
art, music, all things technology - Mrs. Quirk (Central NY)
I think we should keep all the subjects, just not in separate classes. - Mrs. Leaness - Bucks County, PA
Science, the arts, technology-Mrs. Z (Aberdeen, WA)
Science, Math, Language Arts--Mr. Wacker (Denver, Colorado)
Music, Physical Education - Mrs. Maley (Regina Sk.)
Science, Phys. Ed, Language Arts - Ms Haas (Regina Sk.)

What 3 words do u think of when u hear the word school:
fun (sometimes), helpful, and boring(sometimes)-Anna
Mrs. Farrar, Ms. White, rather be somewhere else- Toria
Teachers, homework and boring- Adriana
boring,work, waking up early -Sammy

homework, tired, recess-Aaliyah
Homework, Bus, and Math -Cami
Homework, Teachers(in a nice way), and Friends-Emmy

Carter-Wake up early,DRAMA,BFF'S

students, teachers, learning--Mrs. Clinton (Linda704) from Michigan
books, teachers, learning - Mrs. Techman
students, teachers, change - Ms. Murray (tamurray) from Syracuse, NY
Learning, collaboration, laughter - Mrs. Sides
possibilities, collaboration, learning - Mrs. Quirk (Central NY)
Learning, creating, growing - Mrs Leaness
Kids, fun, learning-Mrs. Z
Fun, Learning, Collaboration --Mr. Wacker (Denver, Colorado)
Teaching, Learning, Students - Mrs. Maley (Regina Sk)
learning, fun, collaboration - Ms. Haas (Regina Sk.)

1 thing u think we should have at school that we don't have now: (or one thing you think is CRUCIAL to have in to school)
outdoor activites(beside recess)-Anna
Activities that you choose- toria
Time to be creative- Adriana

I.D.K. -Sammy
Time to be creative-Cami too.
GOOD FOOD!-Aaliyah

Carter-GOOD FOOD GO aaliyah!!!!!!!

I don't know your school, so I can't answer that one. :) --Mrs. Clinton (Linda704) from Michigan
Like Mrs Clinton, I can't answer this one - Ms. Murray.
I agree with Anna's answer - Mrs. Techman
Perhaps more opportunities for electives?? - I'm not really sure of what your school already has (or doesn't have) - Mrs. Sides
whatever opportunities will help you connect with the world and learn from those around you - Mrs. Quirk (Central NY)
FUN! - Mrs Leaness
Ability to create, collaborate and share with anyone in the world-Mrs. Z
Crucial- an environment where failure and self directed or inquiry based learning guides the discussions and lessons. --Mr. Wacker (Denver, Colorado)
I think we need to have more group work and collaboration. Community circles where we teach each other what we know. - Mrs. Maley
More time to allow the students to be the teachers. You have so much knowledge and different experiences to share. - Ms. Haas (Regina, Sk.)

More time to free draw so we can let out some of our feelings-Aaliyah

Down here u can write any other school related things or ideas or stuff like that:
like someone said b4 (i forget who it was) but i think we should have a fund raiser thing 2 raise $ for schools so we can have all the cool things we have now-Anna
I think that it would be a really bad choice of Albemarle County Schools if they get rid of gifted teachers, and technology.- Victoria
I think that if they cancel buying technology our school will be messed up- Adriana

I agree with Anna, Victoria, and Adriana-Celine

I agree with the technology comments.--Ms. Marcus
I argree with Victoria - Cami
Will I thinki Gifted Teachers we DEFENTLYYY need to have because there just important and some kids need it , it is a big mistake!Carter

I think that it's both amazing and sad that young students are so aware and concerned about school finance.--Mrs. Clinton (Linda704) from Michigan
I think it is great that you are learning to use technology and the internet in a positive way - Ms. Murray (tamurray) Syracuse NY
Thank you for sharing your wiki! - Mrs. Sides
You are very lucky to have the opportunity to use a wiki like this for your learning. I hope you'll continue to find new and interesting ways to connect with others using this tool. - Mrs. Quirk (Central NY)
I think you are doing a great job with this wikispace. I think it is a real shame that you have to worry about the financial issues in your district. keep your chin up! Mrs. Leaness
I think you need to try and be connected with other classes around the world. Chatting with classes from different places really gives you perspective on what the rest of the world is like. -Mrs. Maley
I think that it is so amazing how all of you grade 5 students are using technology to connect to people around the world. Keep up the great work! Ms Haas