1. Book Worm: This game really makes you think and gets your brain working. There are some scrambled letters and you have to make words out them. Its kind of like a word search except you make your own words.

2. Number Line: In this game you have fractions and decimals and you have to put them in order from the smallest number to greatest number. You also have to know how to change fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions.

3. Paper Toss: You need to focus really hard in this game. All you do is try to throw a piece of balled up paper into a trash can. The focusing part is that you have to pay attention to the direction of the fan and what ever direction the fan is blowing in you should try to throw the ball a little to the otherdirection.

4. Water Slide: This game is really fun! All you do is tilt your i - pod left and right while going down the water slide. You also try to get the green things and the hearts
for points. Don't try to get ducks and crabs though.

5. Unblock Me: This game is fun but sometimes frustrating. There are some brown blocks going every which way and one red block. All you have to do is get the red block out of there. Sometimes its really hard though.

6. Tap Tap Revenge: This game is just like Guitar Hero except you tap the notes. Kid and easy mode are so easy but you still need to pay attention. On medium, hard, and expert you really, really need to pay attention.

7. Bubble Wrap: All you have to do in this game is pop as many bubbles as you can before time runs out.

8. Tower: In this game you have to drop little house things to make a tower. You have to drop them at the right place at the right time. If you drop a house thing in the wrong spot it can ruin your whole tower. So you have to have good timing and good focus.

9. Flipsy: Random groups of colored squares drop down and you have to flip and turn them around until you have three or more of the same colored squares touching. They are all really easy once you play it three times.

10. Scrabble: Its the same as the board game except on a i - pod. All you have to do is make words out of certain letters. Sort oflike book worm