All you have to do is answer these questions please:

1. What was you fave thing about 5th grade?
Field Trips-Nicolas

2. What was your least fave thing about 5th grade?
All the worksheets on stuff I already knew-Nicolas
The olympics-Adriana

3. What was your fave field trip?
FabLab Demonstration-Nicolas
FabLab demonstration-Adriana

4. What was your least fave field trip?
Washington, D.C.-Nicolas

5. Fave part of school (not just 5th grade)?
Learning knew things-Adriana
Running Club-Cami

6. What will you miss most about Crozet Elementary?
Some of the teachers-Nicolas
The teachers-Adriana
The teachers and the school- Emma

7. What are you doing this summer?
Going to Germany :) -Nicolas
Going to a beach and going to Busch Gardens-Adriana
Swim Team, Maine, Ocracoke and Wilmington- Emma

8. What are you looking forward to at Henley?
The cool projects-Nicolas
field trips-Adriana
A lot of things- Emma

That was all my questions... i might come up with more later :)