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external image 114172_T.jpg
Yum...wish I had one!- Adriana
external image chocolatecake-main_full.jpg
mmmm favorite-Anna
external image choc-eclair.jpgyum-Celineo

my favorite- nakia external image ice-cream-sundae.jpg

external image ice-cream.jpgLooks good...Victoria

une religieuse au chocolat

Banana Cream Pie
Banana Cream Pie- Mmmm -Mrs. Maley

yummydessertspicture1.jpg Wish I could have that right now-Aaliyah

Home-made Oreo Cookies. My mouth is watering just looking at this page! - Miss Haas

external image mint-chocolate-chip-ice-cream.jpg
Ashlee (Anna's sister) - greatest ice cream EVER!!!!!

external image Pecan%20pie%20ala%20mode.jpg
Anna's mom- warm pecan pie with vanilla ice cream...yum'
external image key_lime_pie.jpg Emmy
Key Lime Pie!!!

external image 0301p150a-chocolate-pie-l.jpg Emmy
Chocolate Pie!!!!
external image peanut-pie-ck-521693-x.jpg Emmy
Peanut Butter Pie!!!!!!!
They all looked so good-I couldn't choose just one!