As it snows

You will write how much snow you have so far and what you did(do) in the snow:
Anna- about 3 inches and i had snow ball fights, made a fort out of snowballs, and went sledding with a boogie board.

PW- came home and shoveled my sidewalk and parking space. I used a broom to sweep the steps (works like a charm to keep ice at bay!) THEN, I came in and began my homework for my online class. I wish I had been sledding and snowball making! :-)

Adriana- I had snowball fights, made a fort with anna and my sister, made snow angels and also went sledding with a sled. I also made a snow cone with snow... with anna.

Celine- About the same thing as anna

Anna- oh yeah i made a snowcone out of snow and cristal lite

Victoria- I'm not sure how much snow I have, but I went sledding, I had a snowball fight, made snow angels, made a snowman, got hit with a metal baseball bat on my head by my cousin, tried to make a fort, and some other things.

Anna-now the snow is bout 3 inches and i m about 2 hav a snowball fight with my sisters boyfriend!

Ms Haas - We have about 3 feet of snow on the ground right now and some things that I like to do in the snow is go skidooing, skiing, crazy carpeting and make snow angels.

Cami- I had millions of snowball fights. I made a snowman and I went sledding.